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1 food for super fast weight loss

Say it: Weight loss is easy!

Weight loss is only challenging when you tell yourself it is. Weight loss is hard to do when you listen to those who say it is, and when you yourself believe it is.

As a fitness trainer here in Calgary, I see many people fight to lose weight without adressing one of the key components; nutrition. The other variable that keeps them from changing their figure and losing the weight they need is self-belief.

Let me ask you…….can you see yourself thinner? Better yet do you see yousrelf thinner, more confident and more firm?

How I lost 10 pounds in 3 weeks

I recently stepped on the scale at around 189 pounds at 5′ 10″. I normally weigh around 172-175 pounds.
I realized that I didn’t feel good and I also felt I wasn’t being a good example to my clients.
So, I put my foot down, changed my diet and watched the pounds fly. The key was wanting to get thinner, and feel younger.

I visualized the old me, acted accordingly and didn’t allow my mind to rationalize reasons why to eat junk.

Was it hard? I guess it depends on who you ask? For me, the feelings that come with fit and healthy far succeed those that didn’t.
I personally, felt unhealthy emotions and thinking patterns when my body was given poor foods.
Once I replaced the poor foods with good foods, not only did my body change, but so did my mind. 🙂

And what one food helped me to lose so much weight so fast?

A few weeks ago one of my clients brought me an energy bar. When I receive food, the first thing I do is look at the ingredients, and in this case, I was surprised to find out that there were only three! Yes three!

This particular energy bar had dates, nuts and peanut butter, and it’s other flavours had similar ingredients, yet with fruit variations to add variety.

It is called a Larabar and it is a super good choice to lose weight!

Why does it help with weight loss?

When trying to lose weight one of the best foods to eat is a food that will leave you content without leaving you with the feeling of hunger, or in some cases, starving.

This bar has 12 grams of fat which along with the quick absorption from the sugars allows you to get a fair amount of calories while feeling quite content until your next meal.

That is one of the BIG keys to weight loss. This allows you to concentrate and function without feeling weak, hungry and unable to concentrate.

Just what does a weight loss day with a Larabar look like?

Here is a sampe, day to get you on your way 🙂

– Breakfast: Protein Shake ( I use egg white powder for the protein)

– Snack: 2 pieces of fruit

– Lunch: Salad with beans or chicken on top

– Snack: Larabar (this will hold you well until supper)

– Supper: Tuna recipe with a bed of spinach

Enjoy your day and enjoy this great meal plan to jump start you on your way to a slimmer you! 🙂

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