Three Exercises You Think Work, But Don't

3 Exercises You Want To Avoid For Good!

3 Exercises You Want To Avoid For Good!

How do you know what level of training you’re getting, and if it’s even working?

That’s a very good question. There are levels of training and coaching just as there are levels of Doctors, Lawyers and so on. All this means is, some are masters at their job (very small percentage), some are very good, some are good and others maybe shouldn’t be in the profession.

When you hire a trainer, you literally give your body to someone else. Results and aging are in their hands.

When you hire a trainer, you literally give your body to someone else. Results and aging are in their hands.

I’m sure you know someone or have been helped by someone who fits the top or bottom of the list above.
But how can you know if you’re in the right hands when trusting the most precious thing you own – your body. How do you know if you’ve hired the right person?

You probably don’t have time to spend finding out what makes the trainer you hire qualified to get you lean and keep your body from wear and tear.

To help, I am going to offer some tips to help you become more knowledgeable so you can see continuous results, and just as important, keep your body young and safe.

The Part Of Your Body Fitness Could Care Less About

The one thing the fitness world doesn’t consider is the one thing that your happiness relies on – your health. Not your exterior looks, but your overall health.
I’m not talking about the outside of your body or how much you sweat or how much fat you lose. I am speaking of the inside of your body, the part of your body that when ill or wounded, instantly makes your mind suffer.

Have you ever rolled an ankle, twisted a knee. Or maybe you had a bad cold or even the flu? How happy were you when you were injured or sick?
How happy is a pet that has to wear that cone after going to the vet. You can see the look in their face as an unhealthy body or one that is not able to move freely, cripples the mind.

Almost every one of us would do almost anything to get rid of an illness or an injury if only there was a way to make it go away right now.
But the best way to do that, at least for your muscles, ligaments, tendons and joints, is to prevent it from happening (in fitness it’s a slow creeping wear and tear for too many)

Before I show you three exercises to get rid of for 2015, I thought you might enjoy three simple tips that may reveal how good of hands you have placed yourself in.

Three Warning Signs You Can Spot In Your Trainer That May Help You Avoid Frustrating Results

1) She doesn’t do the class she teaches

It is often overlooked, yet I know several trainers who run boot camps in Calgary who don’t train the way their clients do. This is one of the most common things to spot that may be of concern.
A “practice what you preach” seems logical, yet it is often not applied to many trainers. A lot of trainer lift weights, yet their classes have no weights (or light weights)

2) He is always injured, but not from a fall or accident

I once sat at a conference with many trainers and watched as they adjusted their bodies in their seat with looks of anguish and discomfort. Some asked me to help with current injuries they could not seem to fix. It’s true, we may all get a flare up or a tweak, but a constant injury that doesn’t go away, or continuous injuries may be a reason to look more closely at the program.

I wouldn’t fault him if he plays sports though as you can easily get injured and it’s a common occurrence for many.

3) She has you doing high reps

High reps in the old school days was considered anything more than 12 reps. It’s lower now with science finding out which energy systems kick in and when. I wouldn’t necessarily call them a bad thing but you may want to consider a few things.

A) Your workouts are a small part of your life if you add up all the hours in a week. And most of the calories you burn (especially fat), happen at rest. So high reps will make you sweat but it doesn’t have the oomph to make your body a fat burning furnace at rest.

B) It also doesn’t grown muscle, and even though many women fear getting bulky, you do need to build back what you lost, and the best way to do that is by using heavier weights. This in turn makes your body burn more fat at rest.

C) The third thing to consider is that high reps of any sort causes wear. It’s a natural thing as joints and parts begin to fail over time – but it should NOT be sped up. While it’s hard to look ahead, it may be worthwhile to be cautious. Jane Fonda had her hips replaced a long time ago and many serious and devoted athletes and fitness enthusiasts suffer with life-altering pains and from arthritis at a younger age than most.

D) The last thing to draw comparison to would be every other organism. We’re the only ones who repeat a motion over and over, and we pay a big price for it.

– A fitness example would be 20 burpees or 30 squats

– A sedentary life example would be sitting for hours at a desk.

In fact, the desk sitting and a burpee (parts of it) is the same position, so it is like you are going to the gym to sit more.

Having said that, let’s now take a look at the exercises you’ll want to avoid in 2015. Not just because they are dismal exercises burn calories, but because they are, each day that you do them, damaging your body.

Three Exercises You Want To Say Goodbye To In 2015

1) Burpees

Burpees are hated by almost everyone, so it’s surprising they are still seen in classes. The reason for this is that it is easy to fatigue someone, and it’s not because of the burpee itself.
You can actually fatigue anyone by asking them to drop their body to the ground and then come back up. That’s a lot of weight to move and gets the heart pumping quickly.

Aside from the "sitting" pose, the back is rounded often. Not a good thing for any back

Aside from the “sitting” pose, the back is rounded often. Not a good thing for any back

But at the higher levels of training, a burpee is not seen. Here are two examples used in sports but without the damage a burpee does to your back.

Hockey: Athletes are asked to skate, drop to both knees and then get up as fast as they can. It’s a wonderful exercise that is EXHAUSTING, but no harm done to the back

Football: In pro football one popular drill is to do an “up downs” sequence and then dropping to the ground quick, rolling over and getting up again.
They get up by snapping their arms up via a plyo push-up. The back is not put in a dangerous spot over and over.

Why is the Burpee a Poor Choice?

There are three reasons. The first is it rounds the back in two places as you do one. And thirdly, it overuses the already abused hip flexor muscles. These muscles attach to all your low back bones making a burpee a triple whammy back killer.

It’s often not thought about, but most injuries are cumulative. This means you do them over and over for long enough and the overused body part will give out.

If you want to undo all the wear burpees put on your hip flexors (muscles already overused form sitting), you can watch the video on this post here <<<. It’s an older video, when that shirt I am wearing actually fit.

2) Superman

Superman is another repetitive exercise that according to a world leading back specialist, is a very dangerous exercise for your low back, and with each attempt, puts around 1300 pounds of force on your low back (yep, this was lab tested by a World leader in Spine Biomechanics) – OUCH!

*A famous back book reveals just how dangerous this exercise is. See bottom of blog.

*A famous back book reveals just how dangerous this exercise is. See bottom of blog.

This exercise is even found prescribed in back books that are intended to fix your back pain.

Why is a Superman dangerous?

Aside from the extreme loads you’re putting on your low back, the exercise also takes your low back to end range (which means as far is it can go). This is a no no according to a leading expert in low back pain.

3) Seated Twists

Seated twists are in almost every training program and again they target the low back. When many people strike the position of legs up while seated, their back is instantaneously rounded. This is a dangerous position to ask the back to support weight in (in this case, your body).

Your hips are "locked down" leaving only a back twist. But your muffin top attaches to your hip!

Your hips are “locked down” leaving only a back twist. But your muffin top attaches to your hip!

But to make matters worse, as your back is already rounded, you then twist it. These two forces combined make this exercise extremely harmful to your low back. You may have even felt your low back as you did these exercises.

Why are seated twists are poor choice?

Most injuries happen not in a moment, but from continuous poor training and overused muscles

Most injuries happen not in a moment, but from continuous poor training and overused muscles

Seated twists wrench your back, similar to wringing out a dish cloth. The twisting and the rounding of the back with your knees bent harms your back more than it tones your body.

If you want to see how a muffin top vanished with none of the above exercises, click here./a>

Avoiding these types of exercises will help you keep your back young, vibrant and strong. And be sure to always watch your form on all exercises because it is form that builds your dream body, and it is form that will keep you from harm!

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