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Calgary Fitness Update: Summer Body Workout Inside!

Calgary Fitness Update: Summer Body Workout Inside!

The Calgary fitness circuit is very dynamic with a wide variety of workouts to choose from. And the influence to choose a fitness class or type of workout can vary.

But what is the ultimate goal a fitness class should deliver? Hold on a sec…if you said weight loss or toning you may want to reconsider. Consider this – you are at your peak, you look absolutely beautiful and then one day you get injured or sick. At that point in time, how important are your looks?

I have seen this time and time again where someone becomes depressed because they cannot workout due to some sort of injury or problem. Some injuries are so hard to deal with you cannot even workout, which makes it very difficult to stay toned and lean. Maybe you’ve seen a friend experience some of the more common ones:

  • Low back pain
  • Knee pain
  • Shoulder pain

And I’m sure if you were to ask any person who suffers from any of the above what is most important to them, I am sure all they would want, is to be 100% healthy again. Because if you are 100% healthy, you have the best chance to shape your body to its full potential.

The Best Summer Body Of Your Life Can Be Ready By June!

Let’s assume you are healthy and ready to exercise and you want to find a fitness class in Calgary to get your body ready for summer. What would you look for?

Well, I am not sure of your tastes but I’m assuming you want it to have the following included?

  • Have it be fun
  • Have it deliver results
  • Continue to deliver results
  • Always be different to remove boredom

And I would agree with you 100%! But wouldn’t you also want a fitness class which will protect your body from harm while it gets you into supreme shape? Wouldn’t you want a fitness class which will remove all that age has done to your body so far and actually allow your body (under the skin) to become younger?

Your body is an amazing structure and it loves to be challenged, to be pushed and to move. But it cannot always communicate to you how to best to that. In fact, it’s a difficult skill to have and only a small percentage of coaches understand how to challenge you, push you and sculpt you without breaking you.

So be sure to listen to your body. A burning muscle doesn’t mean it’s toning,. In fact, it can be in the midst of getting damaged in many cases.

Your Summer Body Workout Plan

Okay, let’s get down to business and get you a great summer workout plan. I’ve gone ahead and broken it down into three chunks. Nutrition, Training and Rest.


Have a large portion of your daily intake come from foods like these

Have a large portion of your daily intake come from foods like these

I have recently been following my coaches nutrition plan which has worked fantastic and it”s easy to follow, leaves you without major hunger pangs and will melt every once of fat from you if you want it to. Here’s how it works.

  • You eat 5 times in a day (2 meals and 3 snacks). What you eat is up to you, but all the food should be wholesome. I’ve gone ahead and provided a list of foods from each macro category so you get an idea of what to shop for. If you are a vegetarian, or vegan, I am sure you can make adjustments as you already know what to replace certain foods with other types you eat.

Protein: Nuts, beans, chicken, red meats, eggs, yogurt, veggies (if you eat enough of them) 🙂

Carbs: Beans, fruits, veggies, rice, honey, potatoes, oats, oat-based cereals if you like.

You’ll notice breads and flour is not on the list. Avoiding this, or minimizing intake will give you that added jolt so you can melt away any fat faster. And if the food is balanced, you shouldn’t really miss it too much. But, if you have some, don’t worry, just keep it as occasional and you’ll still be fine.

Fats: Avocado, nuts, olive oil, peanut butter (sugarless)

Okay, so to figure out the amount of total calories you eat will definitely vary with each formula. Don’t be too hard on yourself and restrict too much. Losing one to two pounds per week is a great pace and starving will only put you back where you started. Having said that, we use our own approach her,e but you can try an app called myfitnesspal as it can be reasonably accurate depending on the data you fill in. There are probably other apps, but the key is to find a starting point and see if you are trimming but not at the expense of barely eating.

Your workout:

Calgary fitness

Now let’s get to the fun stuff! Your weekly workout schedule should have a balance of strength, flexibility and cardio. In a perfect world your strength training (this is where you begin to boost your metabolism and burn more fat at rest) will combine flexibility and strength. This will allow the exercises to break apart tight areas of your body so you can burst past any previous plateaus. Plus a longer muscle is a more toned muscle, so it’s key to have flexibility during the movement.

For your cardio, you can go with two options. One is resistance-based cardio and the other is sprint style. Try to stay away from the longer classes that have you doing cardio for the whole time. Those burn fat in the class but once completed, you don’t really maximize the more important fat-burning times. There are 3 types and the in-class is NOT the one you want to rely on.

Now let’s go over some basic and very effective exercises you will want to do to sculpt your body without doing a thousand machines and exercises which take forever.

Strength/Flexibility Exercises:You can do 3 sets of each with a weight that will challenge you.

  • Squat
  • Stiff Leg Deadlift
  • Dumbell Row
  • Shoulder Press
  • Chest Fly (arms straight)

One key point: If you have read any of my other articles you will have heard me emphasize form. It is the most important aspect of making your body lean and firm. If form is not there, you will have to rely on dieting, and that just plain isn’t fun.

And a lack of form also contributes to fat and cellulite storage in those ‘tough to tone’ spots. So if you’re not careful you can age your body and added undue wear and tear. Let’s say we skip that and stay with form! 🙂

Rest (The neglected, and key piece where all the magic happens)

When you’re at rest you burn the most fat. Fat is burned in an aerobic state and we are in an aerobic state for most of our lives. Only training and other activities moves us away from that state and into another state – one where carbs or another source of energy is used for fuel. So you want to do a few things in your training to get all you can out of your weekly routine.

Let’s take a look at an outline of a weekly plan. The letters stand for the days of the week. This is so I can try to fit one week on one line so it is easier for you to read.

M: Strength/*I-cardio >> T: Rest >> W: Strength/I-cardio >> T: Rest >> F: Strength/I-cardio >> S: Light Swim Su: Rest

*I-cardio – Intense cardio

On the days where it says ‘rest’ you are still active, but mostly doing exercises designed to enhance your muscle tone. These are often a series of flexibility exercises which burn fat and allow you to progress in lengthening all the tight spots in your body.

So you can see you need only 3 smart workout days each week and an off-day of light cardio. This could be a rollerblade, a bike ride, a jog, a swim or even a nice hike.

This also allows you to not live in a gym your whole life and to allow your body the chance to get younger as it takes shape for summer.

And there you have it. A very simple and powerful workout and nutrition routine to get you ready for summer. And if you don’t know if you can organize  your workout and keep consistent, don’t be too hard on yourself, many others have a hard time as well. Its sometimes a good idea to see a first hand view and really feel what the program looks like. If you’re like me and want to see it in the flesh, you are welcome to try our classes.

You can click here to read more on how our classes work.

Train smart,



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