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Can you lose 6 pounds in 6 days?

How to lose weight fast!

If you’d like to lose a bunch of weight in a short period without compromising your health, you may want to check this out!

One pound of fat = 3500 calories which is the amount you’d have to burn to lose a pound per day.

Now, let’s say you did an exercise program; one decent in length with awesome intensity that burned upwards to a 1000 calories.

Let’s also say that you have been working out with weigths, yet rather than the traditional approach. you kept your reps a bit lower.

Physiologically, as the week progresses, your body will require much more energy (your new found metabolism), to support the increase in muscle growth and all the other metabolic demands.

If your body requires 1500 calories to function and you’ve just burned 1000 on your blast, you have a negative of 1000.

Now consider your body needs to meet the requirements of this new program and these more firm and fit muscles, and is continually burning 400 calories per day (the program would have to be intense with a fusion of strength and super cardio for this to occur).

By the end of the day you have a negative of 1400 calories (or just a few hundred shy of a half pound).

If this pace were kept up for 6 days, you would lose about 2.5 pounds or so.

The 2 secrets to rapid weight loss!

In the modeling industry, many girls eat very little to keep trim and to not bloat for the shoot. What they don’t know is that if you choose the right foods, as well as ones rich in nutrients, you can keep a flat stomach for a good part of the day, and find yourself cut and toned again the next morning.

Secret #1

Eat foods that are in liquid form with the protein added in via egg white powder or a favourite protein of yours.

For example, in the morning, you could have a protein shake for breakfast. This is a liquid foood that does not swell the belly anywhere near as much as solid food.

Secret #2

At the end of the day, depending on the foods you have just consumed, you will may want to chew on some bran-buds. This will allow you to empty most of what you had eaten the day before and even some prior to that.

You see, few realize that without this, you can still have a pound or more still there while you jump on the scale.

For many, these two tips contribute to even more weight loss than the negative amount alone.

Weight loss made easy, summarized:
– Train hard but safe with exercises that melt away calories
– Eat liquid foods, beans, veggies and light meats or seaffod, while staying away from wheat.
– Eat some fibre at night to help clean out any weight that would show up on the scale.

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