Each class is one hour long and broken into segments. The first portion is where you do your strength training. An internationally certified coach will be there with you to show you which exercises to do and how to do them perfectly.

Not only does this help prevent injuries, but it also allows you to really target every inch of your body.

You will learn exercises which are the foundation to building and re-shaping your body. But unlike other programs, these moves do not change each day. Instead, you are given the time to practice and master them. Similar to what an athlete would do. Once you master them, you move on and meet with new exercises and a new challenge.

While it may not seem like it, you actually burn a very high volume of calories during this phase!

This segment also allows you to develop strength and flexibility (the perfect shape and length to your muscles). So it is important to know that this area is not done quickly or rushed in any way. Think of it as the sculpting phase. You will have the time to perfect each move, allowing you to see better and ongoing results.

And once your body learns these exercises you will become stronger and your muscles and joints will start to loosen. And with each class you will add a new type of challenge to your body so results and progress never stop or slow down.

The Heart pump – aka Torch Original Blasts

We named them blasts many years ago because that’s what they feel like – a blast.

The blasts are a huge adrenaline rush. They combine power, strength and cardio into burst intervals.

It is in this part of the program where you burn your second wave of high volume calories. This second burst (after your strength phase) of calorie burning happens in a very short time. And you also set your body up to burn hundreds more calories in the short period after your workout is done.

And the best part is, these blasts are only 1-3 minute bursts. Lasting between 6-14 minutes in total – that’s it!

How Many Classes Do I attend Each Week?

You will work out 3 times at most. Here’s why:

Every rep, exercise and the amount of weight you train with is accounted for. In both the strength portion and the blast.This is to maximize the shape and look of your body. To challenge it with just enough so it responds for you.

But it is also designed to protect your body from breaking or from inflammation. To do this requires an intelligent planned workout and the appropriate amount of rest. So each week you would workout a maximum of 3 times and have a day of rest form the program in between.

On this rest day you can do activities you enjoy (nothing intense), or you can simply enjoy the extra time and rest.

Class Sizes

The classes sizes are small (8 maximum) with the odd one having one or two more). This allows you to get the coaching and attention need to build your new body. So it feels almost like you’re in a 1 on 1 session.

What If I have a pre-existing Injury?

If you need to change an exercise or make any adjustments due to an old injury or other health issue, that’s no problem. Some people have injuries and such they need to work on so in the beginning, you are encouraged to let us know so you can get the best moves for you to see result sand to start to restore the problem.

Almost all injuries respond beautifully if you choose the right exercises. And we can help you with that!

And if you have a fairly severe injury, let us know by contacting us and we’ll see if you can start or if you need some other training or treatment first.