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Do it Your Way!

Don’t let them tell you it can’t be done, or what you’re doing isn’t right!

How would you react if the world told you that you couldn’t get fit or lose weight; more so, how would you feel if they told you you were doing it wrong?

If I look back on my life I cannot help but notice that eveything I did was totally opposite from the traditional model of growing up and the stages we pass to get to adulthood, and for some, sadly, they get caught in a stage and never seem able to shake loose.

My Pre Teens

In my pre-teens I was oblivious to my appearance, with no concern for how others saw me.
I had many friends from both sexes and really didn’t have a care in the world.

My Teens

In my teens I began to recognize the effects of the cancer I’d had as a child and how it had affected my self-image.

Aside from 1 relationship, I spent most of those years with friends and much of it alone playing street hockey, learning to shoot (hockey), throw and kick with my left limbs (I was trying to become ambidextrous as sports was my whole life), along with dressing up like a ninja, lol!

I had many crushes yet spent my nights dreaming rather than living, as my self-esteem (with regards to girls) was non-existent.

It was also in this period when I began to acquire a label that was given to me by the school system, a label I had to fight to disbelieve as my 20’s rolled around.

My Twenties

In my twenties I had kept my distance from relationships and although mid way through I shook the image that was bestowed upon me in my teens, I still felt as though I wasn’t normal.

At this point I had begun to study science and fitness quite aggressively and this would be the beginning of a long and wonderful journey.

My Thirties

Just shy of turning 30, my life fell apart, massive anxiety and panic invaded my body and the mind took a crippling blow that took years to recover from.

It was in this time, from all my studying, that I started to piece together a concept that is different from the mainstream fitness model.
One that looks at sculpting and shaping all parts of the body while getting it more flexible, leaner and younger with each passing workout.

At some points along this journey I thought I was on the wrong path, yet the brilliant minds who taught me stood behind me with much support.
The rest of the fitness and sports world are still confused by this approach, and may never truly understand that to look sexy is to feel sexy.

And you feel sexy, by feeling great, feeling younger and getting stronger (along with great food to go inside your amazing body).

What does this mean to you?

I never liked to party, I never drank or did drugs and all the things I love, most guys do not.

I built a sound scientific program that does not conform to the model of “beating the weight out of you” without any concern for the damage being done under the skin.

I have done things “My Way” for my whole life, some of which caused aches in my heart that took much time to heal, other times it created a loneliness that allowed doubt and fear permeate the mind.

Yet for the most part, it gave me all that I needed to help others in mind and in body. And for this, I am truly greatful.

For those in my program, I thank you very much for your support, and for those looking to get younger while building a wonder woman body, we’d be more than happy to have you try the class.

As for all of you truly amazing people, I hope you all realize your potential and for the courage it took to drift off the beaten path and to not conform to others’ expectations or standards, I toast you!

Please enjoy this song that that expresses the courage of uniqueness of people like you!


  1. Thanks for sharing your part of life. Life is not always fair but you have turned around the table and today we all are looking up to you for the expertise.Once again thanks for every thing “Exercise Angel”!

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