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Eat More Food, Train Like This, And You’ll Be Lean & Toned

Eat More Food, Train Like This, And You'll Be Lean & Toned

The answer to building the ultimate body, is the one answer few can offer. And it is also the one answer most people don’t tend to believe. You’ll learn about it here and if you have an open mind, it open a gateway to a world where struggling to get your body lean and fit will be no more. And you will have the skills to get lean and fit any time you desire.

Two Options Exist In Fitness – Which One Have You Done?

You have millions upon millions of cells in your body. And somewhere in that frenzy are a whole bunch of muscles – each made up of individual muscle cells.

And the goal when you workout is to wake-up (stimulate and train) as many of those cells as possible. You want some to grow so you don’t slow your metabolism and become soft, and you want some to ‘wake-up’ and move for the first time in a long time, so you can have more cells participating in each workout.

The latter is the key to more calories burning during and after class and it is also a key part of getting a very firm body from the deep layers right on through to your skin.

So how can you train with such efficiency so you can see progress after each and every day – while you still eat normal amounts of food?

You can see how below.

Would you like to eat more food each day?

Not quite like this though :)

Not quite like this though 🙂

Uh….yah! I know I would. And I’m sure many millions of people every in the world would as well. But there’s a problem – you need less calories as you get older (unless…) so eating more, or even the same as when you were a teenager adds extra pounds to your body.

But is there a way to eat more without gaining weight? The answer is yes!

You have two options. One of which you can do on your own any time, the other will be difficult to do. Don’t worry, I’ll explain why in a moment.

Option #1

You can pick up a sport like running or swimming, especially if it’s of the endurance variety and you will see your body burn calories during each workout. You will be able to eat way more and you’ll still have a little fat on your body.

Now, option #1 has it’s challenges. You first have to deal with the excess time spent training, and the high amount of wear and tear on your body with each workout.
But the biggest bummer of all, is that if you don’t mix up your intensities, you won’t get the same calorie burn you’d hoped for.

Option #2

You can increase your metabolism by adding the muscle back to your body that is slowly fading as each day passes. This will also give you nice definition and tone and the ability to eat more food each day – especially on your workout days.

The tone will then always be there, but sometimes you’ll cover it up with a bit of extra weight. That’s normal on occasions like Christmas or Thanksgiving. But the key is you can eat more and burn more calories each hour of the day.

How this is done is actually pretty cool! Your body’s energy demands rise when muscle is added so you need more food to keep that muscle on you.

With me so far?

Okay, now here’s the bummer of option #2. Most fitness classes in Calgary are unable to give you what you need to build a magnificent body. One that burns a ton of fat each day. And here’s why.

Have you ever gone to a fitness class and seen any of these:

  • Light free weights
  • Bodyweight exercises
  • Suspension training
  • Huge classes with no attention to form
  • One trainer who stays at the front and can count backwards better than anyone in the world
  • The same 15 or so exercises over and over again (think lunge, squat, push-up, crunch etc…)

When doing classes with the features listed above you’re relying on the in-class calorie burn. But very little afterwards.
Would you want to hinge your weight loss and toning goals only on calories you burn in class only, or would you rather your body burn a ton more calories every hour of the day?

But this is exactly what most people do because you’re doing the same exercise in the same way over and over. And because of the repetition of the same moves coupled with light weights or no weights, 35% or so of your body is getting no training.

You have so many deep muscles and so many different muscles yet repeating the same exercises barely comes close to working them. This leaves over a third of your body’s muscles’ soft lazy and inactive.

I’d like to show you something. Have a look at the two pictures below. The girl in orange (on the left) is doing a plank at our gym. The other woman is also doing a plank, without the wobble of the board. Forget for a moment how tough the board makes it and how the girl on the right also has her elbows bent – which makes it much tougher.

Can you spot the two differences between the girls? This is not a quiz or a way to prove a point. It is designed to see if you can point out the two huge flaws in the girl on the left. Because those two flaws are making sure her abs aren’t even working!

Two keys to a plank for your abs to get ripped are being done here.

Two keys to a plank for your abs to get ripped are being done here.

calgary personal trianer plank

How not to plank






So how do you get more of your muscles to chime in when you workout?

How Do I Workout the rest of my body?

Remember earlier I’d explain how you can workout out more of your body, but it will be a bit more difficult? What I meant was, exercise is similar to all sports. It takes the right coach and the proper training to do it well – actually forget well…to do it great! If you think about, you’d know if you have experienced this because every muscle in your body would have changed and you would have seen huge changes in all the ‘tough to hit’ spots.

You really only need two things to workout the body parts the common exercises miss.

1) You need new exercises, ones to hit all areas so hard you can feel your cells coming to life in that very moment – and even more so the next day.

2) Coaching – Now sadly, this is the most unsellable word in fitness. That means that if I sat down at a party with you, I’m drinking root beer, while we chat , and I say hey “how would you like to check out a class that is skill focussed and precise in it’s teaching? One with a level of coaching that will make it easy for you will get a killer body, with results seen in just weeks,” what would you say?

You might likely ask if there’s any booze in my root beer. And here in lies the biggest tragedy in the fitness world. So many people suffer through ups and downs and sub par results, and yet they think they are doing something wrong. It’s not you – if you’ve worked hard and been setback or disappointed, it’s not you!

You may need to consider the class has failed you.

I really don’t know how to explain the importance of form. It is the deciding factor in sculpting and toning versus needing a low calorie diet and absurd amounts of time in the gym to get lean. 

If you don't want to diet. The only thing stopping you from getting the body you want is the right coach - and class.

If you don’t want to diet. The only thing stopping you from getting the body you want is the right coach!

I really wish I could explain it to you, I wish I could show you how it’s not a journey of months and months before you see really changes, results can happen very quickly!

So Tell Me Once More How I Can Eat More And Burn More Calories Each Hour Of The Day

It’s simple:

  • Train more of your body by doing better exercises
  • Get a coach or trainer you who will correct you (this is like finding good Doctor or mechanic, it’s no easy task as most won’t measure up to your needs).
  • Build your body into a well oiled machine (you will want to strength train to do this, but also do the right kind of cardio). Your body will then need more nutrients (food) to keep this machine running smoothly.

If you ever found yourself caught in this continuous loop. You lose weight, then gain some back, then lose a bit, then gain more and wonder what the heck is going on? And soon after you’re so frustrated you become paralyzed with the fear you’ll never succeed. Those days can be over if you want. You now know you can reach your goals and nothing can get in your way when you are in the right environment.

If you have any questions, please feel free to use the comments box below and I’ll be happy to help in any way possible.  And if you’re looking for something fresh and something new to get you into supreme shape (yes, I mean supreme!) you might want to look into our 28 Day Drenchfest. If there are spots remaining.

Every aspect of it, and of our training here is quite different form the norm. But most of all it’s tough and it’s skill based, and that’s why it works!. You’ll see why if you click here <<<. This gives all the details.

If you feel now is your time! If you are ready to breakthrough old barriers, plateaus and old training beliefs, check out our 28 Day Drenchfest, And if it’s not  fit, that’s cool, I hope you enjoyed this article.

P.S  Training here is a lot of fun with a great bunch of people, and the transformation you can expect will outdo any class you have ever attended (you have my word).  But again, it’s tough! But in a good way! So proceed only if you are a hard worker, want to have fun, and looking for something that will leave you happy, lean and exciting!

Train smart,


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