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Ever Wonder Why Your Stomach Looks The Best When Lying Down?


We all like to see a flat stomach with nice long and lean muscles, but when the hip flexors are tight, you are not standing fully upright. You have a bit of a lean forward as the hip muscles are too short to allow you to stand fully upright.

This would for sure throw off your look as you walk around this summer , and all through the year.

That’s why you look so good lying down. The body is elongated and the hips are, for the moment, stretched out.

Enter the Hip Flexors

The hip flexors are a strange part of the human body. Or perhaps a better way to it would be, the body moves in an interesting way.

By that I mean, every,  almost every movement we make is done by flexing the hip (brining the knee or foot forward or moving your body forward like in a sit-up).

Think for a moment, can you name one exercise or move we make in daily life that is routine which actually stretches the hip?

If you thought of one, let me know and post it below in the comments.

Here is a list of the top ten exercises in fitness. All of which contribute and continue to tighten and shorten the hips.

Squat, Sit-up, Deadlift, Burpee, Mountain Climbers, Leg Raises, Crunches, Bicycles, Seated Twists, Running.

Add on top of that, all the sitting we do in chairs and cars and it’s no wonder we have back issues and our abs don’t look as good as we want.

We’re slowly hunching over as each day passes.

I made this video to help you combat this tightening that you want to stop immediately.

Also, be sure to find fitness moves that lengthen the hip flexors rather than the oh so many that shorten them.

Here’s a video to help you along.

Train Smart!










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