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Goodbye love handles, hello firm & fit torso!

Many people join fitness classes to lose weight and to look good.
Weight loss becomes noticeable yet they are not fully satisfied with how their body looks and feels.

What is sometimes happening is that the strength exercises may not be sufficient to sculpt and firm their body.

This can happen for 2 reaasons:

1) Body weight exercises are always being chosen thereby
reducing the ability to boost your metabolic rate and the ability to sculpt your perfect shape.

And the metabolism increase is a big part of getting a firm body.

2) The exercises make an area (or many areas) work, yet they do not fully “target” the weak, soft and unfit spots.

A good example are the love handles (outside hip and a when prominent, can travel around to the back).

They, for too many, are a less than appealing site that needs to be trimmed down and firmed up.

As a New Year gift to jump start your fitness and body shaping goals, I’m going to show you how a subtle change in body position can target any are you like.

And this particular exercise, is the favourite of all my clients in all age groups
as it can kiss the love handles goodbye, especiallty if you add in proper nutrition.

Oh…and the chimes in the background are for ambiance 🙂

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