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Have You Ever Had This Happen When In The Arms Of Another?

How do you remove certain emotions from happening? Imagine anxieties, fear and low self-esteem could be gone from your mind if you only did this one thing.

The day begins, you wake up and you’re not 100% in your mind. You feel somewhat paralyzed as you go through your day, as your face reveals you just aren’t happy.

You become more polite to strangers as you look for any way to remove the thoughts from your mind.

And then, at some point in the day, you meet up with a friend, or even your partner and they give you this pep talk, telling you how great you are, or how you will reach your goals and have your dreams come true.

or you just lie in someone’s arms to blanket you from your fears, worries and concerns.

And, soon after you feel good! You’re happier again and you begin to get some pep in your step as you move forward. That is, until the next time you fall victim to those feelings.

Why Happiness Eludes Many

It’s easy for someone to tell you that you’ll be great, that you have talent, yet when you do not fully believe in yourself, you will most likely not allow those words to resonate within you.

I’m sure you’ve had it happen where someone walks up to you and comments on how attractive you are (I know I get that all the time ;)…uh….no).

And you hear the words but don’t really believe them.

All of that is being communicated from the outside, and to truly be happy it needs to come from the inside. You need to have self-confidence. But how?

The “chatterbox” in your brain has to begin to change what it talks about or you have to ignore it. Some people will tell you to ignore it, however the truth is, you have to begin to change the topic.

How To Begin To Think Positive

There is an exercise whereby you have to go 3 days without thinking of anything negative. In this case that means dwelling on negative a thought for more than 1 minute.

If you happen to find your self in a negative thought pattern, then you “interrupt” it. Yell “STOP”! And begin to think positive again.

If you are on day 3 and you slip off the wagon, you are to go back to day 1 and try again.

The goal is to begin to train your mind to think positively and optimistically and have it become your “default” setting.

Tony Robbins upped the anti on this one and asks that you try it for 10 days!

Either way, the goal is to change! And to change requires effort. If I teach you how to squat, it cannot happen in one day.

If you want to teach yourself to be strong and happier while you build more self-esteem, it too will take practice and time.

Especially if the source of your thoughts were planted long ago.

In The Words Of Journey….

“Don’t stop believing” you have many talents! Pick one thing to implement today that can begin to take you to the next level!

Have fun with it as it is in itself very fun to try!

Believe in yourself and train smart!


  1. Excellent exercise! People who consistently meditate are usually able to “delete” those “chatterbox” thoughts and only focus on the positive. It can be done. It is all in the consistency of the exercise! Thanks Aaron for sharing.

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