How It Works | Torch Fitness


The workouts here are designed to maximize in all 3 stages of your day. These 3 stages are:

  • The workout itself
  • A brief period after the workout is complete
  • The rest of your day while you’re not working out.

Here’s a closer look at each one.

The workout itself:

Your body has 3 energy systems. If you train using the right one(s) and apply the right kind of challenge to it, you will burn the most calories you can in the shortest amount of time. This is one of the unique elements of our program.

This cancels out the long and dreadful cardio sessions which leave your body overused, inflamed and stiff.

And instead replaces it with short and powerful adrenaline driven bursts which leave you energized and rejuvenated – with a calorie burn you’d have to see to believe!

A brief period after the workout is complete:

There is a trendy name you may have heard called an “Afterburn”. This is what many call a magical 24-48 hour window of time where your body keeps burning fat after a workout.

Unfortunately this is not true.

Here are the truths about the after class calorie burn.

  • It is short – usually only lasts 45 minutes at most after a workout is done. Sometimes even shorter
  • You have to do the right kind of workout to get that “afterburn”. And not many ever reach the level of training needed to create an afterburner and to maximize it.

The workouts here are different and designed to induce an extremely high ‘post-exercise’ calorie burn.

The Rest of your day while you’re not working out:

This is the biggest fat burning period your body has. And the primary focus at Torch (Fitness).

What this means is simple. If you have 168 hours in a week, would you rely on just a workout or a post-workout burn to built the body of your dreams?

Absolutely NOT!

The training you do in the gym is the foundation so you can build an efficient fat-burning machine when you’re at work or at home resting.

To drastically spike your resting metabolism, you need to build your body properly in the gym. This way you don’t have to be in the gym all the time to get the body you want.

It will continue to build itself when you’re at rest.

Rest is a HUGE part of an athlete’s training. And it is a huge part of our program here as well. All the amazing changes your body makes from your workouts, happen at rest!!