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How to Look and Feel Like Wonder Woman Without Losing a Pound! One Woman’s Story

Lose an inch off your waist without losing a pound!

If there was a program that could offer you all that you want in your great body, would you have the determination to adhere to it and be consistent?

Well, let’s take a look at one girl’s journey into a new shape to her body, new found confidence through strength, and a scale that for most would lie, yet for her revealed a truth that all women should begin to understand.

Your body can do marvelous things and change shape to become as firm and fit as you’d like, yet in order to do that you need to focus on the fact that you can reach your goal!

And by that I mean, can you see yourself looking the way you want to, not just wanting it, but can you see it in your mind; did you plant a seed in your brain that said, I am going to look like this in this amount of time!

When I first started the Hybrid Bootcamp a while back, I had 18 people try it through word of mouth and some friends helping me market. And since that time, many women have shown their new bodies and new found confidence.

One of these women, twice had sent me updates on her progress and I thought it would inspire all of you to get your mind set on a great spring to have an enjoyable summer of fun while looking and feeling great!

Here is “won”(der) šŸ™‚ woman’s story.

The first time I met her she was unfamiliar with lifting weights and had little strength to move even a modest 65 pounds. She had no upper body strength and despite looking, what I thought was good, she was trying to improve her body for an upcoming wedding she was to attend.

Rather than me telling you how she did with regards to toning, firming and strengthening, I thought I would just have her tell you, as she did to me with these two great letters! šŸ™‚

One woman’s experience

“Six years ago for my wedding I bought a bustier because I was told by the seamstress that it’s a must so that it would keep my strapless wedding dress in place and the last thing I want is to keep adjusting my dress all day long, I was 120lbs then.

Four and a half years later I gain about 13 lbs, I had a strapless dress I wanted to wear and thought Iā€™d try on the bustier but it didn’t fit me anymore, I couldn’t even get it close to button it up.

Last month I had to go to my cousin’s wedding and had a strapless dress and thought maybe I’ll give it a try just for fun, and it was a perfect fit, no squeezing in or anything.
So my first thought was it’s because I’ve been working out more consistently now but it didn’t dawn on me until a bit later that hey, but I haven’t lost any weight, I’m still 134lbs! I thought THAT was the awesome part! šŸ™‚ I think most people associate working out is about losing weight but it’s still pretty cool to not lose weight and go down a dress size!”


“One of my biggest goal when I started was to be able to do one pull up all by myself. I have a bar at home and I think the last time I tried was maybe Nov, I couldn’t do it. Last night before bed I remembered and thought I’ll give it a try….OMG I did it!! šŸ™‚ I couldn’t believe it!,That is like the greatest feeling ever! haha.

I did one with palms up with ease and then tried one with palms down like at the gym (this one was harder but still manage to do one). I only did one of each because I didn’t want to get all worked up before bed.

Thank-you for all your help at the gym Aaron šŸ™‚ !”


You have 3 enemies:

1) The scale
2) The side view you see in the mirror when you turn sideways
3) The view you see when you look down past your chest and on to your stomach
4) Your view of your self in comparison to others.

Here are some things you can do to look great and feel great!

1) get a good fitness program and get going
2) Eat healthy foods
3) Train hard and train smart as well!
4) Set goals and then take action to reach them
5) Find support in your quest and also SUPPORT YOURSELF!
6) Be positive, think positive and surround yourself with positive people
7) Believe in yourself

Have a great day everyone!

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