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How to lose the fat at the base of your tummy (free workout inside!)

What I learned in California about weight loss on my recent trip was so simple that it’s a shame many spend billions of dollars trying to reach a goal that most will never attain.

Losing weight is pretty simple actually, and while I was in San Francisco I was reminded of just how simple.

But What Is Weight Loss Without Happiness?

One of my coaches lives a simple life. He has a wonderful wife, a beautiful daughter and most importantly, what I realized, was that he was a calm and happy person.

Amazingly young and fit at around 60 years-old and his wife made of solid firm brick at around 53 years-old, I couldn’t help but be inspired by their energy, hospitality and attitude towards life.

After having experienced that environment and having done some thinking and reading, I realized that the brain, even with a fit body connected to it, can make you feel not so good sometimes.

I myself have these times during the week when my brain has tried to trick me into believing I will never reach my goals and the feeling of “what is it all for” seems to echo in my mind!

And it wasn’t until I began to recognize that these thoughts were happening at the same time of each week, which had me caught in a vicious cycle.

So I thought, if this is the case for life’s thoughts, then it would surely apply to one of life’s challenges that definitely affects mood; weight loss!

Here How You Lose The Fat Around Your Tummy

Life is challenging and while there are moments of inspiration that shine upon us, it is the steady and consistent thinking of I CAN that allows you to reach your goals.

So before you go any further, be sure to set it in your mind to BELIEVE IN YOURSELF! We all have this untapped potential that often holds us back in the form of fear, that we never do fully realize what we can accomplish.

And I can guarantee you can accomplish anything and reach your goals if you do the following:

1) Sit down and set your goals (in this case for how you want your stomach to look

2) Then write down the actions you’ll take to make sure you make it look that way. Just be sure to set a reasonable time frame.

Be specific. For example….

“I am going to lose 4 inches off of my stomach and I’m going to do this by staying away from junk food, by not snacking at night and by visualizing myself in a size __ dress that just wraps around my flat tummy like a glove. I will also do strength training and cardiovascular training 3-4 times per week to help tighten my tummy”

Aside from this, try to align yourself with some positive friends and family who will support you and be sure to REVIEW YOUR GOALS DAILY!

There are other smaller variables to focus on as well, however if you master these two (believe in yourself and detailed goal setting) then you will be well on your way!

I know, I know, you want the ab workout, well, here it is!

This Ab Workout is advanced and challenging so be sure to practice good form all the time, and if you like it, feel free to share it with your friends and drop me a line as well.

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