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How to make the back of your arms “rock hard”!

Bootcamps in Calgary, and in many other parts of the world, workout the front side of the body so much because it is easy to do and requires no equipment. With this being the case, all the arms of all the women and men should be made of steel by now.

Yet, so many people still ask for exercises to firm and tone the back of their arms.

The “secret” to rock hard triceps

In order to make your triceps super toned , two things are required.

1) To activate all 3 heads (the triceps are a group of 3 muscles and not all of them activate) you need to put some heavy weight on the bar. Unfortunately, light weight and body weight will not get the job done 🙁


2) To get them super toned while keeping your shoulders safe, you need to keep your elbows close to your body. What I mean by that is they can move in the direction behind you, yet try not to move the elbows away from you laterally.

So what exercises will carve my arms into steel?

Before I demonstrate the BEST exercises to get the back of your arms toned and firm, I’d like to share with you some popular exercises that won’t get your triceps firma nd hard, and may cause undo shoulder and chest pain, and would do more harm than good.


1) Bench dips – where you put your hand on the bench behind you, feet on another bench and you dip down

2) Push-ups – They will work the arms, yet if the elbow is too far away, the shoulder will take too much of the load.

3) Cable extensions – A great exercise, yet the elbow again is rarely in the right spot and the feet are always side by side, causing a lean, thereby taking away some of the weight you’re trying to press on.

4) Kickbacks – This exercise has little effect on the arm and becasue of gravity, is almost futile to get rock hard and firm triceps.

Let’s move on to the good stuff here and show you the best exercises to firm, tone and harden the back of the arms! 🙂

The Do’s!

1) Narrow grip bench press

2) Overhead Press

3) Overhead lockout holds

4) Bar or ring dips (done to perfection! 🙂

Before you try these smokin’ arm exercises make sure your shoulders are healthy and the small muscles in the front of your chest (pec minor) is not too weak!

Below is the video, and if you like the buzzing sound and the lighting changes 😉 I can keep them in mind for future videos. Or…..we can shoot them in a quiet place and maybe get me to smile more while teaching…..what do you think? 🙂

If you have any questions or want to let me know how they are working, feel free to email me at [email protected]

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