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Is the goal to lose weight or is it to feel sexy?

Be inspired

How does a spirit inspire weight loss, love and the ability to have the courage to feel and look great!

Yesterday I was supposed to re-build my sandbags, among other things. It is the day I usually use to catch up, yet the last two Sundays I have needed to rest.

I tried to muster up the energy to get some jobs done, yet when it was all said and done, I sat down in front of the TV and watched “Ghost”.

Sometimes when you learn more about life and yourself you can relive a movie and gain much more of the meaning, as well as experience much more emotion.

Many moments in the movie stood out, yet the one that I felt the most was at the end when Demi Moore’s character (Molly) is looking at Patrick Swayze’s character (Sam) as he says “I love you”. Something he would never say.

She smiles and replies “ditto” (which is what he always said to her when she said “I love you”) I thought to myself, if I had one last look at the love of my life and knew that I was moving on, that humourous and witty remark would break my heart.

You know when someone says something that makes you love them that much more and the feeling you get when you hear it?

The last thing I would want to do is turn around and leave that forever.

Feel the love, literally, feel it in your nerves

Love is a key component of happiness and it doesn’t always come in the form of romance.

Your body loves you very much and tries to tell you that all the time, yet sometimes life, or your perception of it, cause the ongoing “I love you’s” to fall on deaf ears.

This neglect begins to change the shape of your body which then changes the way you feel about yourself.

After a while the person you were as a youth changes, happiness may begin to fade, your attraction to the opposite sex begins to diminish and your self-worth plumets.

All you need is to begin to feed the body better foods and allow it to move around in just the right way and all that you used to feel and all that you are, returns, and with a vengeance!

You begin to see tone and you get stronger after each workout, the body becomes tighter and more firm and all those you exercise with, support you and cheer for you, as you do for them in your quest for what we all want. Happiness, confidence and sex appeal.

Why sacrifice is a part of all great things!

As I was talking to a colleague the other day he told me a story of a woman who wanted desperately to get in shape and to re-gain her sex appeal and her self-confidence. Once he mentioned his fee, she paused, weighed the options in her head and plotted a way to make this work!

She looked up at him and said, “okay, that’s just one less pair of shoes per month”.

For some it’s one less pair of shoes, for others it may be one less gourmet coffee, yet what all those people have in common is the willingness to take control of their body and their mind and to do so, let nothing stand in their way!

For all of you who do that, you have my admiration and my respect.

I had to do the same just after the New Year. I needed guidance on apsects of my business life and my future plans and so I hired someone to help me.

At first, I was scared…..a huge fee for work that I have to do all by myself. It has only been 1 month and I am happy I chose the road I did. 

There is much more work ahead and while I spend most of my life helping others, I will place myself in a position where I can do that as well as take care of myself.

No matter your goals, dreams and desires, the one thing you should never do is let them go. NEVER!

Oh….and the sandbags won’t be ready for a few more days 🙁




  1. This is beautiful Aaron. Very inspiring.

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