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It Must Sometimes Suck Being A Guy! And This Video Shows You Why.

If you’re a woman, chances are you’ve been ridiculed, belittled or even been looked down upon at some point in your life. As we all have, however in this particular example, I speak of the many men out there whom continually knock the opposite sex when it comes to their capabilities.

I have trained teenage girls for most of my career and now have the luxury to train women who wish to get fit, build a great body, and also have great strength while getting younger with age.

Few realize that strength is a huge skill to greatly improve confidence and self-image.

And in my time in high performance and now what I call High Performance Fitness, I noticed girls and women being prescribed “modified” exercises while their male counterpart did the full exercise, and in most cases, not very well.

Often girls were lumped in with the boys, occasionally being teased (by the ones that actually had a crush on her) for their lack of strength and limitations because they were a “girl”.

While this begins at at a young age and even though it cannot be stopped, what you can do is continually reinforce the facts!

Fact #1 : Don’t believe what others say you cannot do

Fact #2 : Believe in yourself

Fact #3 : You can do anything you set your mind to

Fact #4 : Tell yourself this “Anyone who engages me and tells me I am not capable or not able to, is really one of four things.

A) Negative all the time,
B) Jealous/Envious
C) Lacks intelligence
D) if it is a guy, sadly, may actually like you and shows it in this way.

The single most important trait to reaching a goal, aside from a burning desire and a belief that no one will get in your way is…..CONSISTENCY IN YOUR PRACTICE!

There are girls out there right now, feeling down, sad, dejected and alone, and for many, the words of others brought them there. And now they need to be inspired to climb out of that thinking rut!

Please share with them this post and more importantly this video, and you will be positively affecting a life somewhere in your circle!

P.S This woman has a special mindset and would embarrass most men in the gym, but don’t tell them that 😉

Train smart!


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