Do You Make These Mistakes At The Gym?

Do You Make These Mistakes At The Gym?


To get the fastest results in the shortest amount of time all you need to do is focus on one thing!

And that one thing is what brought many passionate trainers into the industry – the desire to help you transform your body and your life.

You might be thinking, holy, there is so much to learn. But is there really? I can show you how to do something and you can get the hang of it fairly quickly, but it’s not going o become a habit unless you practice.

Practice Makes Permanent

When the bulk of my training was done in the world of sports, a very common phrase bounced around every coach to every athlete – “practice makes perfect” they would say.

But practice cannot make perfect if you were not shown how to properly do the exercise. There is one thing for certain though; no matter how much you do something, as time passes it will become permanent.

So you may want to be cautious in the exercises you do.

To help you along I have here a list of common exercises done in almost every gym over and over again, with little to no change.
But more importantly, as you may have heard me mention in the past, when you move incorrectly with weights, you are risking your health for results that will not appear.

The Top 3 Mistakes You See At The Gym

While it’s hard to argue we have only one very key body part vital to our health, there is for sure a part of your body you do want to protect with your life. And that is your low back.

So let’s start there.

Mistake #1: Your back moves

The far right shows a common mistake in the gym. The back moves (rounds) instead of the hips.

The far right shows a common mistake in the gym. The back moves (rounds) instead of the hips.

Your back can be looked at as a piece of thick plywood. It cannot bend (round or excessively arch) because if it does you are using your middle or low back to do the exercises and not your *core.

*Your core includes your legs and your bum.

To avoid mistake number one it is a good idea to get trained how to move and do an exercise properly. This habit is probably the biggest reason people don’t see the results they want.

A good tip is to improve your hamstring flexibility with perfect form. This will help relieve back tension, and tone your bum and the back of your thighs quite easily.

Mistake #2: You Squat, But You Aren’t Actually Squatting

Your bigger muscles burn WAY more calories. And they also make the exercise more challenging. But a funny thing happens when you do an exercise. Your brain goes “hey! I got an idea, why don’t we make this easier’

Look at the video above and you’ll see one of the most common squat flaws in the gym

Now easier to the brain means using smaller muscles because it takes less effort. It is hard to do a squat properly for any person who exercises. But it is why it’s an mazing exercise if you have your form up to par.

The flaw that occurs commonly is you lean forward on a squat. This transfer the weight to other muscles. So the ones you want strong and defined, all of a sudden are taking a bit of a break.

A good tip is to “feel” yourself continuously sitting until you reach your desired depth (how low you want to go).
Really focus on the mind connection to the bum so you can feel the bum continuously lowering.

Mistake #3: The Plank/Push-Up – Without abs, these cannot be done properly.

I want you to imagine you are stuck in a revolving door. It’s jammed and you need some power to get it going again. Where would you place your hands to get the most power?

Would it be high up near your face?

It's easy to spot. When the elbows are that far away from you, your abs and back of your arms are NOT doing much. Your front shoulder (which has small little muscles) does most of the work.

It’s easy to spot. When the elbows are that far away from you, your abs and back of your arms are NOT doing much.
Your front shoulder (which has small little muscles) does most of the work.

No imagine a bench press exercise. It’s when you lie down on a bench and with a barbell above, you pull it down slowly towards you and then press it back up.

Would you lower it to your nose, or any other part of your face? That would be dangerous right?

In the examples above you want to keep your hands below your face for sure. There are angles that rip the arms into rock hard beauties and there are some that rip the abs into the same.

But one thing is for certain, you do want to know how to keep your shoulder safe.

Changing this huge error is the first step, and you’ll want to learn the other step or you might find your shoulder injured. But you want your shoulders healthy, so let’s help you keep it that way.

A good tip is to practice planks with your arms set in the proper “power” position. This will give you rock hard arms and major tight abs as you progress to a more natural push-up.

Form Is King – And Here’s Why

Let’s say you do a pull-up. And your hands are about shoulder width apart. Now on your next set you make your hands wider.
In doing that, juts simply changing the position of your hands, you have now recruited and changed the muscles you are using.

Essentially, as soon as form is lost, the muscles that you want to work get “shut-off”. And all that means is you asked other muscles in your back to do the exercise.

When you move, you move to other muscles as well. This one thing is the single reason people hit a plateau, never see results, or hurt their back.

There are so many muscle fibers in your body and you want to keep them all trained and healthy. And in order to do that, form is the number one thing to focus on.

Without it, you’re not doing much good for your body.

Train Smart,


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