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One Easy way to combat winter weight gain, depression and feelings of low self-esteem

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We’ve all been there. We eat a bit at thanksgiving, then say we’ll stop, and before it’s too late, we’re still going strong by Christmas.

At that point we’ve gained a “spare tire”, we feel like crap and so we fall into the gloom of winter.
Little bouts of depression and excess amount of negative talk surround you and before you know it, the winter “blues” have embedded themselves inside of you.

Wo wo wo Aaron….It’s not me it the sun

Yes, for sure, the sun has an effect on us as it limits its light, resulting in your brain bordering on sadness or madness, or maybe even both!

But do you remember feeling that way when you were a kid? Can you openly recall the days of your youth where you were sad, depressed, without energy and lethargic?

I would bet you had many happy times and enjoyed the winter, and here’s why:

– Life was worriless and carefree
– You were more active in sports or other activities
– You believed life was great and held tightly on to your dreams
– You liked how you looked and felt
– Your energy levels were sky high
– You were fearless and you took action when you needed to!

I have news for you. Those days are NOT gone. You’re the same little spark plug of energy you were when you were young. Your dreams still live inside you. And your body and your mind deserve to not just know that, but to FEEL that as well!

It’s just a matter of waking up some cells in the brain and in the body to get you to feel young, energetic, self-confident and happier again!
In a book I once read aptly titled “Do One Thing Different” the author explained how just changing one thing changed the lives of couples in relationships and also in many other facets of life!

Are you willing to do one thing different to look and feel absolutely fantastic?

If you are, then have a look below and see how this can be your best winter yet!

Six things you can do this fall and winter to improve happiness

1) Exercise

Exercise elicits a natural drug-like effect that creates many happy feelings. The key of course, is to be consistent with it.
This will also help you to feel better about your body as it continues to get toned.

strong> 2) Eat well

Food plays a large role in how you feel, so be sure to eat plenty of delicious home-made soups while eating a good amount of healthy fats.

3) Set goals

Whether it be to get your body lean or healthier, to have more family time or to just be more friendly to others, write them down, describe how you reach them and then set new ones.

4) Be positive

It can be challenging at times to always have your spirits high, so if you feel yourself slipping, just make sure you catch yourself and switch the channel to positive.
Also, try not to listen to any negative people out there

We all have times when we lose sight of the fact that we have the world’s most precious resource right there within us.
Our health!

5) Read instead of watch

Grab a good book that can either take you into a fantasy or better yet, even help you improve as a person by learning something new.
This is a great way to feel empowered and to become more confident.

In one of the last books I read on philosophy, the author mentioned several things that thwart happiness.

One of which is envy, and the other is comparison.

Just remember, if you are fit and have your health, you needn’t envy anyone and if you have been taught to measure up to someone, my question to you would be why?

Who told you that person was “the standard” or the “benchmark” to measure yourself against?

Measure from within and continue to grow as a person, that is one of the keys to continued happiness.

Oh…and when the snow falls, dress warm and go and play in it!


  1. Great stuff…let”s di snow tubing!!

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