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The One Thing ’80’s Aerobics Gave You – And It’s Powerful!

The One Thing '80's Aerobics Gave You - And It's Powerful!
Did 1980's aerobic workouts burn many calories?

Did 1980’s aerobic workouts burn many calories?

What is the one thing 1980’s aerobics, 1990’s step classes and the spin classes of the 21st century all have in common?

Before I explain why so many people love these classes and yet so many people rarely ever reach their full body potential, I’d like to ask you one question. If you had to 3 types of training to choose from and one of them was the absolute biggest fat-burning workout you could possibly imagine, would you chose that one to get in shape?

Did you say yes? If you did your heart is in the right place, but your mind may still select the opposite type of workout.

What each of the above types of workouts have in common are four-fold..

1) They are all aerobic classes which means the amount of fat burned is occurring in the workout but your body’s fat burning potential away from the gym seldom changes. So you rely on the classes themselves to get in shape and assume the more you do, the leaner you’ll become.

This may hold true, but the price you are almost certain to pay will be a cellulite filled bottom, fat-storing inner thighs and a lower tummy that has little chance of getting flat.

2) They use the same muscles in the same fashion over and over again. This means much of your body, the parts you really want long and lean, never even get a chance to stretch out. They get shorter and shorter after each workout until the point you change how you move.

Think of the squat. You’ve heard the phrase, don’t let your knees go past your toes? If you do squat like that, it is almost certain your inner thighs will be a permanent home for fat. And you will become so tightly wound as time passes, it will become harder and harder to get lean and firm in those tough to tone areas.

3) Weights are not involved. In some cases light ones might be, but those would not be sufficient to challenge your muscles to the next level.

4) They all rely on volume to burn calories.

Remember I asked you if you would like to do the biggest fat burning workouts imaginable? Well if you’re working out in a ‘cardio’ format for more than 20 minutes, you are unfortunately not getting the most fat burned. And you may even be losing muscle, which slows you even more.


The Three Secrets Of Burning Obscene Amounts Of Fat In Your Workouts

  • Don’t do aerobics. Any class where your heart is beating constantly for 30 to 60 minutes would be a loose description of aerobics. Think of a cheetah, or a lion. Would they do aerobics? If they did do you think it would be safe to say they would get injured because their muscles would get over worked and overly tight?
  • Make sure you use weights to keep your bones strong, your ligament and tendons strong and your muscles toned and firm. And even better, to stop them from withering away.
  • Make sure your technique is perfect. As soon as you change the position of your body you change the muscle you use. Let’s use the squat we mentioned above as an example. If you don’t have your feet in the exact location at the exact angle, certain spots in your body will remain tight and untrained for life. And sadly, more than one adjustment is made in so many, that the squat then never does what people want it to do (firm the bum, inner thighs while keeping your knees safe.

Let’s take a closer look at form. In the 1980’s a popular exercise said to firm the bum was done in every class under the sun. In fact, it is still done today, but because form is not precise, there is no toning of the muffin top or bum. It just becomes a high volume (lots of reps) leg move which will overuse the hip socket. I’m not sure if you knew but Jane Fonda, many years back had both of her hips replaced!

The exercise is called Bird Dog. And I made you a video to show you just how challenging and powerful an exercise can be if you do it the way it is intended to be done. And this is the beginner version. You can imagine how powerful it is if you continue to challenge your body and advance your training as time goes on.
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