A dose of sexy
for your Body!

Getting in shape is hard. We make it less stressful, much easier and way more fun.

Dear Amazing Woman,

I get it! Getting in shape can be very hard!

And sometimes you might wonder if you’ll ever get the body you want.

Stressed about trying to count your calories each day. Feeling guilty if you even have so much as a piece of chocolate.

You think “Is it worth it”? 

I’m supposed to be feeling better! Feeling happier. Not feeling miserable.

And to top it off

You’re being fed TMI from so many different “experts” (mostly young 20 somethings online) pitching the next big fad.

You need this powder to get lean.

No wait a sec….

You need this workout.


No, you actually need this diet

Hang on, hang on…

You can’t do any of that until you first do a cleanse.

"Somebody please just give me a glass of wine!

And some chocolate too!"

Look…when it comes to working out, most women have a case of “supermarket sampler" syndrome.

They try something for a little bit. Give it a taste and then move on the the next tempting treat to try.

With each new gimmick they say “I’m so excited about xyz”

And then a few months in, they're sitting at home on the couch with a bowl of popcorn and a tub of ice cream watching Netflix.

Time passes…

And a new gimmick appears and the cycle starts all over again.

We call this vicious cycle the "Merry-Go-Round".

When they're on it, it just goes 'round in circles. And when they get off, they find themselves right back where they started. 

And it down right sucks!!

On some days it almost seems easier to just have diarrhea so they can drop a pound or two, rather than have their hope lifted only to be taken away shortly after.

But let’s not focus on them. Let’s focus on you.

You’ve probably stumbled onto this page because deep down, you aren’t happy with the way you look and feel.

After years of crazy diets, insane workouts and wasted hours working your butt off, you just want results.

You’d like to have:

✅ More tone 

✅ More confidence

✅ More firmness

✅ More definition

✅ More lean muscle

And if we’re being totally honest… less fat! 🙂

Heck, I’m a guy and I want all those things!

Whatever it is for you…

I’ve got good news….

Soon the sexy and stunning body you've always wanted, will be yours.

You’ll see your body firm up quickly with no signs of stopping.

You’ll see visible lines separating your muscles giving you a more defined look.

All while doing a new and different type workout. Without boring cardio.

And you won’t have to workout more than 3 times per week.

You’ll have a detailed plan with each goal set before you start.

 And don’t worry about the thought you might not see results. Because I promise you that’s not gonna happen..

You’ll see why within days of getting started.

And it all starts with this:

Smarter Workouts Not Painful Ones

You’ve probably tried all kinds of workouts. With classes so big it seems coaching has been swapped out for cheerleading.

Probably a lot of cardio and high rep workout leaving you sore for days.

Maybe even to the point you hurt your back, knee or shoulder.

And if you looked closely enough you realize there's no strategy or plan behind your workouts. 

Just get in, push hard, get out and repeat.

And that’s exactly why most women struggle to see results.

But don’t worry, that’s a thing of the past. All the hard work everyone claims you need to do is a myth.

Sure, you need to challenge yourself, but the magic comes from working smarter

Being shown how to do each move so well, your muscles have no choice but to change shape.

See Results 3X Faster

Stop the guesswork, remove the overwhelm and the constant thoughts that it just wasn’t meant to be for you.

And instead create the body you want with proven muscle shaping and fat burning techniques. Instead of just doing any old workout and hoping for the best.

No More Cardio Snooze-Fests!

Did you know cardio makes your body softer?

Candio is catabolic. In simple terms it means your body will eat its own muscle.

Okay...that's a bummer! :(

So your body ends up with less lean muscle and more unwanted fat.

Cruel I know. 

But that's how your body works. It does this so you can finish these long workouts with a gazillion reps.

But there’s fantastic news….

There are workouts which aren't catabolic - workouts where you build these beautiful muscles bursting with tone and get rid of any excess fat at the same time.

Of course good eating plays a role., But even if you had a few extra snacks and treats on holidays, you’d still have this amazing body.

You see, with these types of workouts, the shape of your muscles will improve EVERY single day! 

But like the sun sometimes (on some holidays), they’ll just be tucked away behind  some “clouds” for a few weeks.

Come January, all you have to do is melt off some baked goods and voila - your amazing shape comes shining through - just like that.

Because let’s be real…

We all enjoy a good treat! There’s nothing wrong with that. And we shouldn’t feel guilty for having one.

The Power Is In The Program

Most women try to get in shape through trial and error. While others do workouts that have no actual strategy or plan behind them.

So they either fumble and fall, or for some, completely give up. Which is kinda sad if you think about it.

We call this the “wing and a prayer” approach.

It’s unreliable, extremely stressful and often results in failure.

Our hope is to shorten the time it takes for you to go from losing your first 10 pounds, to rockin’ a sexy dress at your next big function.


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