Stories | Torch Fitness


“I love the results! I can’t believe the change I’ve seen in the last 10 weeks! I’ve formed and toned. And my friends and family have noticed too!”

– Sarah B

“Through my athletic life I have yet to come across anything that comes remotely close to the training you receive at Torch Fitness.”

– Jeremy

“Within the first month of training with Aaron, I noticed a significant body transformation (lost 5 lbs, smaller waist and hips, and more definition to my arms and back).”

– Allisha

“Torch has changed my reasons for coming to the gym. Yes, I still appreciate the positive changes to my body (and there have been many) but I also love my increased flexibility, the knowledge I have gained around living a healthier life. And mostly, I love the confidence it has given me. I have never felt (or looked) better!”

– Theresa

“I have worked out for many years and haven’t seen the level of strength and conditioning that Torch delivers!”

– Janice

“As an almost 47 year old women. I feel like I’m still in my 30’s, thanks to Torch.  And just this past summer during a check-up my Doctor said I have a resting heart rate of a conditioned athlete! How great is that!”

– Tannus

Rita L.
Age: 41
Occupation: Stay at home mom
Attends Torch: 3x/week
Torch Member for: 4 years