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The best weight loss plan in the world!

Wouldn’t it be nice to know the secret to losing weight any time and any day

One of the most powerful tools for weight loss success is information. Knowing how to lose weight and more importantly, how to go about doing it.
The other major critcial component is motivation. Do you have the desire to lose the weight and can you visualize and see yourself in the body you want to have?

So let’s take a look at some of the key aspects of of weight loss and how you can use this information to get you on your way.

Fear of losing weight? Are you kidding me?

I have worked in both fitness and performance and over the years and have learned that fear of success can be a huge obstacle in the quest of your weight loss goals.

I know what you’re thinking, however the mind has a way of seeing itself and in to first achieve or reach a goal, it has to believe it can. And for some, they don’t believe that.

It could be as simple as “I don’t deserve to be thinner”, or “what I reach my goal yet I’m still not attractive”.

These are thoughts that can repeat themselves in the mind casuing you to never even have a chance to get where you want to go, without even starting!

There is also the fear of failure as so many times you have tried to lose the weight and so many times you have not been able to reach your goals. This too can be hard to absorb as you may feel as though you’ll “never lose the weight”

A great book to read is called “Thinking Body, Dancing Mind” By Jerry Lynch

I’m confused, which method should I use?

With so much information out there on weight loss and how to lose weight, it can be overwhelming to try and choose the best, and healthiest approach.

Think back to a time when food was grown naturally and your Mom and Dad were fit and healthy, without food causing diseases like celiac and even diabetes (think wheat).

The body was not introduced to foreign agents and chemical manipulations, so it was healthier and more fit.

If that was true, and obesity is rising at a steady pace, then it may be a good idea to remove some of the foods that wreak havoc to your body and help contribute to weight gain.

The primary food that causes weight gain and a lot more is wheat. If you can remove this from your diet (substitute with potatoes, nuts, rice etc…) then you will have more beautiful skin, much more energy, less hunger fluxuations and a largely reduced risk of disease.

Did you know that the new wheat we consume today passes the blood-brain barrier? That is a scary thought!

A great book to read on this subject is “Wheat Belly” By William Davis

What about exercise for weight loss? What is the best kind?

Exericse is a great way to lose weight and the popular method most people use is the long duration approach. In this method, you work out for an hour or more going from cardio machine to cardio machine ro by moving around in an aerobics class or something similar for a long time to maximize the amount of calories burned.

Depending on the type of exercise and the machine, this can be a great way to lose weight and get your heart in shape.

New science now shows that interval training, sprint training and strength fused blasts can burn many more calories and continue to do so long after your workout is over.

The beauty of this style of program is that it requires less time, combines muscle strengthening and growth (makes your metabolism run full throttle) and keeps you from overusing your muscles, causing joint pain and perhaps injury.

Think of a sprinter (especially now that the Olympic games are going on). Look at the build of a sprinter, and then look at the build of a marathon runner.
The lean cut body of a sprinter is acheived by doing sprint training and interval training.

Diets and weight loss plans designed to…..

How many people in the world that are on a diet of some sort succeed? I do not have those statistics, yet do know that many gain the weight back or never actually reach their weight loss goals.

Frustration, poor programming, lack of guidance and many otehr reasons hold these people back from reaching their goals.

Well, what if there was a simple formula, one that might go something like this:

– Think (I would like to fit into a beautiful bathing suit or the clothes that have recently tightened up on you)

– Feel (see yourself with your new body, how it feels, how sexy you look and how much younger you become)

– Act (Know with 100% certainty that that is the body of your dreams and you go out and get every resource you need and all the support you require to make it come true!)

– Result (This is the automatic end result to those who take action.)

Believe you can get it, because you can!

Does that sound easy? Well, changing the brain (thoughts about yourself and habits) is never easy, yet for most, when you’re fed up and tired of how you look and feel, the above prescription is what takes them into a new world and a new body.

A great book to read is called “The Brain That Changes itself” By Norman Doidge and it is very inspiring to knwo how powerful our mind is!

Take some time to visualize the body you want, see it in great detail, once you know, GO OUT AND GET IT!

You can do it, and you deserve it!


  1. Weight loss:
    The primary cause is wheat AND sugar :).
    Take out the wheat, take out sugar from your diet and you’re 3/4 there. Exercise, drink clean water, spiritual lifestyle and your there :).

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