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The exercises and rep count you need to know for a firm midsection!

Everytime I meet someone who wants to get in shape, they talk about various parts of their body, but always come back to the same area they want toned over and over again.

This area is called the abdominals (abs) and seems to be the biggest target area among women, and I suspect, men as well.

I guess everyonme wants to have a six pack, and I will be happy to share with you how you can get one. Before we get into that thoug I’d like to share some facts that I pass along to my clients, especially the teenagers who think the body they actually want is a normal everyday body.

Six Pack Ab Facts:

1) Fat protects your organs

2) You see yourself at the worst possible angles (overhead and to the side when you turn to see yourself in the mirror) , so you are your own worst critic.
So to others, you don’t actually look the same as the way you see yourself

3) Ribs aren’t sexy

So ho do you get this area firm and toned?

Well, before you start doing a ton of reps with the traditional exercises there are a few things you should know. These are the tips to get you a harder and more firm stomach 🙂

First off, the higher the reps, the more the muscles are being trained for endurance, so rather than getting six pack abs, you’ll get abs that last all day long.
They may not have grown or thickened and bulged out of your skin, yet they are doing a great job to help your back.

Second, if you continually do crunches and other movements that “crunch” the stomach area, then you may be continually shortening the hip muscles and although you won’t feel it until it actually got too tight or overworked, that motion may help to cause back pain. Which I’m sure is something you don’t want.

Have a look at the piture below and you will see a muscle (hip flexor aka Psoas Major) that attaches to the low back and moves its way down towards the thigh. This muscles, in ab training, can get so overused that it will create or worsen existing back issue.

So what do I do then if all I know is the crunch and all things shortening?

Here’s what you do. Go to this link on my website

It’s a new kind of page that is continually updated to give you the resources to get rock hard abs and a rock hard obliqies (love handle area).

It’s all for you. All I ask in return is that you share it with your friends who no longer want back pain and who want killer abs! 🙂

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