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The program here at Torch follows the model used at the highest level of athletic training. This means it combines all 3 important aspects of training into one workout.

This program was created to provide you with the highest level of training without sacrificing the wear and tear on your body and the mental anguish of today’s “insane” and “no pain, no gain” workouts.

You will find the workouts here are the toughest workouts you may ever do – but they are driven by results! They are also very empowering and are designed to not only sculpt your body but to protect it as well.

And with each day bringing a new and exciting workout (not just a change in order, but new exercises), it keeps your body challenged as you continuously see results.

There are many years ahead of you, so the last thing you want to do is wreck your body for a “quick fix” rapid weight loss plan.

Pummy B.
Age: 41
Occupation: Pharmacist
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3 aspects of training which are critical to building a young, lean and powerful body!

Note: Your body is comprised of systems. If you only focus on weight loss or flat stomachs your body will never fully flourish. Your full body system must be trained to build a lean, strong and powerful body.

1. Flexibility (Yoga-like flexibility fused into your program, but even better)

Your body has an amazing way of changing its shape. And it cannot do so unless the muscles are free to move. So flexibility (without the loss of power) is key in reshaping your body,

The kind of flexibility you’ll do here permanently lengthens muscles that have stiffened and shortened over time. Think of each joint you have as getting rusty as you age. It can barely move as more rust accumulates. This causes pain, wear and inhibits any kind of reshaping to certain areas of your body,

But with the right training you can begin to iron out any damage to muscles and erode any “rusting” (aging) joints you may have had from injuries or overuse.

Fat likes to hide in tight areas of your body, so step one is to start getting those areas loose.

2. *Power (It’s like strength but better!)

Having power is like being a super hero in everyday life. You’ll be one of the few people who have it and who reaps the benefits of all it will do for you. Power is your body’s ability to be explosive, strong and fast. And it’s one of the two things that we lose as we age – Flexibility is the other.

Training power allows your body to burn much more fat. Power is also used to smooth and shape body parts that seem to be stubborn or immune to any change. We all have areas of our body we want to bloom, shape and revive, yet never quite got the results we wanted.

When you train using power, the results come automatically!

Power also helps develop a powerful heart and keeps your brain sharp by training your nervous system as well.

If you want to stay young and look great, power is how to do it.

* Power is not to be confused with bulk or big muscles. Power is simply your body’s ability to be explosive, fast and strong all in one. Bulky muscles are not a part of it.

3. Skill (This is how you sculpt your body into the shape you want)

Skill is not a glamorous word, but it will give you glamorous results! In fact, it’s the single most neglected part of any training currently offered in the marketplace. Yet it is the most important!!

Have you ever heard someone say a squat is the best exercise for your bum?

We all have. But your bum only activates if you know what to do with your feet and body as you bend. And how you can adjust your feet certain ways to get even more of your bum to engage.

Without this knowledge many people are moving around in the gym and crossing their fingers in hopes their body will change for them. But without skill, they will only feel frustrated as the changes they wish to see, never come.

If you’ve ever done an exercise where you felt pain or even felt it didn’t work the way they said it would – it is because skill was not taught.

Skill is the reason you will not plateau or get hurt. Skill is also what will give you ongoing results each and every day! Skill allows your body to continually lengthen, chisel and reshape itself after each and every workout.