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The simple secret to the body of your dreams.

Who do you trust when it comes to the best way to lose weight?

All weight loss works, albeit, not all weight loss works permanently. In order to change your body for good you have to recognize that your thoughts and approach to this goal control your succcess.

For example, let’s say you have a dream or a goal in mind. You sit at home imagining what it’s going to feel like once you achieve it, and how your life will dramatically change for the better.

Yet, attempting to reach this goal comes with certain fears? So there you are, part way into this quest and are now becoming more fearful of the possibility that you may not succeed.

So, you rationalize, you plan and plot different options that will allow you to accept failure, if by chance it reveals itself later on down the line.

You say “If this doesn’t work, I’ll…..”, or “Worst case scenario I’ll just….”

And so while the brain tries to imagine and begin to see, with crystal clear clarity, your perfect body, it truly never fully believes this image will become a reality as the messages that are being circulated through the mind, are mixed.

Undo The Exit Strategy

There are various ways to lose weight and for most whom succeed in this task, along with a great fitness program, they have adopted a nutritional lifestyle change.

They taught themselves to recognize that the manufacturers do not care about your health, or the possibility that you may get sick or die from the cheap and tainted (chemically altered) ingredients that are being used in your foods.

While for others, it is the thought of being alone, no longer being attractive to the opposite sex or the chronic ache of silence to greet you when you come home.

Their will is so strong that they make a stand! The thought of being sick or even dying (emotionally or physically) creates an image so strong, that it fuels their ability to succeed and let nothing stand in the way in the process.

Don’t allow for thoughts like “I’ll start fresh next month” or “when it slows a little, I’ll get back on track”.
Instead, think “I’m starting to take back my health now, and I’m going to find a group or some friends to support me”.

Begin to rewire your brain to reach the dream

I spend most of my time working on my goals and for the last while I have done nothing else, not even exercise.

In the last few weeks I have begun to change my thought patterns and rather than make an excuse to not be more social or to always blame a lack of time as my reason for living the life I am, I have decided to change.

It is taking some effort, and the reason being is that I have said many phrases to many people that have allowed my brain to accept that this is my life.

Some of my clients tactfully inquire with intelligent questions about what I do when I don’t train. I smile and openly tell them about my social life, or lately, my lack there of.

A few weeks ago and beyond, I would say “I have not time for….” and blame my busy schedule for my lack of free time.

Now, although always an ongoing and enjoyable process, I have begun to make an effort to change the “creature of habit” I have recently become.

The “high” from thinking positively

Doing your best and continuing to learn and grow can make for a happy and fun journey. Even more so, if you have others to share this quest with.

It is also very exciting to try to go slightly off the beaten path. We’ve all been in the woods, got lost and and once it was all said and done and we came out safely. We felt “charged”, invigorated and alive!
And gained a great story to tell our friends as well.

Try to pay attention to your thinking for the next 10 days. See what thoughts occupy and pass through your mind.

If they are not positive, catch yourself and say “stop”. Try to shift the thought and make it more positive.

Stepping outside the box that is your normal thought pattern, requires change, and chage requires some unusual or not so “normal” emotions. Yet that is the beauty of improving your life, achieving your goals and reaching your dreams!

Keep smilin’ everyone!


  1. great reminder Aaron … thoughts become things!

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