Torch vs Mainstream | Torch Fitness


Torch Athletic Approach Mainstream Fitness
Skill based (Little inflammation)Volume based
(High levels of inflammation)
Complete Body Training - Every muscle trained to the fullest.Mostly ab or “core” based.
Joint rejuvenation/restoration
(getting younger)
Joint wear/damage
(too many reps - aging faster)
Power, Strength & FlexibilityEndurance (many reps)
Lengthen muscles Shortens muscles (expedites aging. keeps you stiff)
Custom performance workouts with specific purpose - Your body continues to transform over days, weeks, months and years.Same boring moves (row, bike, treadmill, burpees, lunges etc..)
Fun, exciting & challenging mindset (time flies by)“How many calories did I burn” mindset
Monthly programs carefully designed to continue to enhance your body’s look, shape and feel.Workout of the day approach with no consistent measure of progress in skill, strength and flexibility
No lunges, burpees or excess running.
New moves every single day!
Lot’s of lunges, burpees and running
Same moves over and over
(just different order)
Agressive and Fast fat burning Passive and slower fat burning

Julie H.
Occupation: Physician
Attends Torch: 2x/week
Torch Member: 3 years