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What is the the going rate for a firm and fit body?

If you had to guess or calculate the cost of fitness these days, would you account for all variables, or just what it took to get a slim waist line and a firm bum?

There are many ways to exercise and many programs available to choose from, depending on your goals, level of fitness and desired outcome.

I am with you and believe that getting stronger, more firm and more slim all aide to supplement great emotional health (the key component to feeling great!).

Is there anything missing?

Feeling good is about looking good, and looking good is about feeling good, yet how good does anyone feel if they are injured, sore or broken?

The human body, as with any organism is built to adapt. You provide a stimulus and beginning immediately to a day or so after the workout, the body adapts and becomes stronger.

However, not all the muscles in each individuals bodies can withstand the same volume of loading (for example, number of squats or how much weight is being used).

There is also the fact that body weight exrcises require you to push, pull or press your own body weight, and if someone has more weight on their body, their muscles and joints may not support that, resulting in trauma to the tissue under the skin.

If this continues, posture may change, an imbalance can develop and an injury may soon occur.

How this works is dependent on many variables, some of which include level of fitness, age, strength and flexibility.

If you were to run laps and after each lap do as many push-ups as you can, would the muscles in the chest support you?

Athletes train years and years to get their bodies to withstand that type of loading!

What if after each lap you did 2 push-ups and a total number of 10 laps; so 20 push-ups in that workout.

And then somewhere in that week you ran the same circuit and did 25 total push ups. And each week that passes you add a few more until you can do one hundred push ups!

Would you be fit and firm then?

What may be missing in the modern day fitness world is not considering what goes on under the skin during and after training.

How do I get super fit and young at the same time?

All people want to have a super hero body and to feel as though age is just a number, yet in order to do that, you have to be willing to see that it’s the quality of the workout that matters.

Doing the exercise safely and correctly can get you more firm and fit muscles than you know what to do with.

In essence, quality training beats quantity every single time! 🙂

If you can do a half a push up 10 times properly while someone else does a full push-up with her hips drooping and her back arched to end range, who will have brick hard triceps and abs after a few classes?
Yep, the girl who only went half way down, but went down in perfect form.

Take your time with your health and fitness pursuits as you are young and healthy and have plenty of time to sculpt the shape and look of the body you desire.

And if you want to speed up your weight loss goals, look no further than the foods you eat and your overall nutrition, because food also plays a role in how you look and feel, a big big role!

Keep smilin’ and always B+ (Be positive) 😉

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