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What’s it like to be alive at 24 (or any age)

I was at Chapter’s looking all the weight loss books and what seems to be the trend in that area, when a girl began lurking behind me.

She was about 5’8 with a little fat on her stomach (perfectly natural) and had a look of confusion on her face.

I said “Tough choice hey” as she let out a smile that was not intended to charm, but rather to humour me.

“Is this your Christmas shopping”. I asked?

“No, it’s for me”. She was distant and guarded with little interest in talking. It was time to turn on the charm (that was a joke) ;).

I introduced myself and said, “Could you help me with something? Someone asked me the other day what it’s like to be alive. It was an interesting question and would like to hear your thoughts, if you don’t mind”

She looked away, then looked back at me, debating whether or not to entertain this seemingly strange individual. Her mind gave her the go-ahead and she spoke.

“Well…..I’ve only been alive for 24 years and in that time I have been sold a fairy tale of love, happiness and fulfillment. And I have been greatly disappointed”.

I was put back as I had no idea she’d open her soul to a stranger, and yet was invigorated by her candidness and honesty.

So I decide to see if she would share more.

I said “Yes, it is interesting how each of us see the world, and how our experiences shape those views.” I paused for a moment and asked “How close to the fairy tale is your life?”

She smiled right at me and said “Well…..I’m standing here talking to a complete stranger, and deep down inside, I am hoping he is interested in me. Not because I would share the same feelings, but because I need it to feel good.”

She seemed to choke back all emotions that reciprocate myrth and continued on.

“In experiencing life as a female I have come to realize 2 things.

One is, loneliness takes my breath away and paralyzes my dreams. And two, when you think a certain way and stop believing in yourself, you lose the ability to feel beautiful”

She smirks at me as her nose blows a whiff of air to match the pace of her mouth.

“And when you’re a woman, sometimes, when all else is not going well, it’s all you’ve got!

I couldn’t allow for much silence and had to act fast to help guide the energies in a different direction.

I said jokingly, “Umm….I think you’re in the wrong section, you need the ‘feel good’ section, and I think right now you’re in the ‘young woman’s blues’ section.

She smiled loudly, and this time it was pure, pretty and bright. I decided to pass along words of wisdom from the life I’ve traveled and
wanted to leave her with a thought in hopes that it may offer some inspiration.

I said softly, “No words, no tonics and no gestures soothe the mind, remove the hurt and the fear more than the ability to believe in a dream. And in order to do that, you would first have to believe in yourself.”

I was about to say my goodbye and walk away when she said

“Can I ask why did you strike up a conversation with me?”

I smiled as spoke these very words, “Does it matter? If the thought in your mind of why I engaged you helps you to feel more confident, more alive and even more attractive, then that very reason is the reason I spoke to you”.

The world spends billions on weight loss products each and every year and they fail to realize that true beauty lies not only in good food choices and the right exercises (to prevent injuries), it more importantly lies in a healthy mind.

So feed it right in both food, thought and company.

I leave you with this song. The Beatles, in all their creative glory decided to set up and play from the rooftop of their recording studio.
This is a song I chose to represent how we are all on this journey together. Make sure to wait for Lennon’s vocals, and don’t forget to imagine what it must have felt like for some of those people who may have been needing something, anything, to steer their mind back into a happy state.

And on this day, the Beatles did just that!

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