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The Two Tools You Need To Get Your Summer Body!

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Let’s jump right in!

Before I began training in fitness, which by the way has been an awesome experience, I had trained athletes. Specifically young athletes between the ages of 9-20.

And almost all the time, I was asked the same question.

“How can I get my daughter better by (insert timeline here)?”

And my reply was almost always the same. I would say:

“Don’t miss a workout”.

Does that apply to Me?

In fitness, as we all live our lives, it is much harder to not miss a workout, so all we can do is make time to get in as many workouts as possible.

It is true though, as we just had our “Ripped With Reps” challenge finish with fantastic results, that if you can find that groove, those couple to 3 hours per week, that you will see amazing results.

But there are two other things to consider as well. Both of which , I think provide an amazing feel.

#1: Set a goal: Write down what you want and explain how you’ll reach it and take action. Once it’s complete, set another and keep going.

#2 Quality is key: This is the one that has men and women frustrated all over the world. You train and train and you see results, but never does the full transformation occur.

Imagine being able to choose the cost of your airline ticket by selecting your pilot.

You can get a cheaper seat, very cheap if you like, but it will be on par with the skill of your pilot.

So, the lower the cost, the greater the risk of not making it to your destination.

The normal cost ensures results and safety, then lower cost is a gamble. Which one would you choose?

When I walk on the plane I expect the best possible person is in front of the plane to get me where I need to go safely.

Fitness is similar. You can participate in as many classes as you want, but if the level of instruction is similar to the cheap ticket you get if you fly with an error-prone pilot, you will risk your health and you will put at risk the goal you’ve set.

The Two Things You Need To Get That Summer Body Are:

1) A goal, or a plan of where you’d like to go.

2) The instruction that will get you there.

Figure skating, where I trained mostly before had a saying. I’m sure you’ve heard it.

“What is the definition of insanity? Doing the same thing over and over again, expecting different results”.

Start today by changing some of the food choices you make. You’ll see results instantly.

Add in consistent training and you will get the body you want by summer, no problem!

Train Smart!


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